In-House Legal consulting - Do you wish you had the time to develop and manage a better way to do things in your legal department? Do you have legal operations people, but need an experienced attorney who understands your objective and can develop and manage an entire project? Do you need a legal department but don't know where to start? Here is what I do:

  • Develop and manage projects that make delivery of legal services more efficient and less costly. 
  • Design systems that eliminate bottlenecks and wasted time.
  • Devise strategies for management of outside counsel and tools to communicate with them.
  • Assess legal departments and advise on benchmarking.

Examples of projects:

  •   Develop new procedure for intake, response and tracking of regulatory inquiries for use across several legal departments;
  •   Enhance process for insurance reporting and tracking of major risk litigation;
  •   Develop in-house legal handbook, including identification of elements of common legal claims and defenses, major cases and grey areas in the law, litigation trends and status of hot topic cases;
  •   Draft outside counsel guidelines;
  •   Develop criteria and system for evaluating outside counsel on global basis;
  •   Advise on benchmarking trends and criteria;
  •   Create tools for communicating with outside counsel on expectations and evaluations.

Examples of use cases:

  • Eliminate $800.00 per hour attorneys interviewing employees to determine the location of relevant documents.
  • Determine how to communicate status of cases to executive management. 
  • Centralize briefs and discovery responses for use by entire legal department.
  • Determine which tasks are better performed in-house vs. outside counsel. 
  • Develop self-help tools for business clients to eliminate multiple calls for same legal issue.

I usually work on a flat-fee basis, and will develop a proposal after initial meetings with stakeholders. Please feel free to e-mail me to set up a free consultation.

​​​In-house counsel services